Brazil (Búzios, Ilha Grande, Paraty and Rio).

Looking at these pictures, again I see how much photo equipment has evolved. No matter how nostalgic one feels about 35 mm film, … digital is undoubtedly the future. Don’t get me wrong! This is not from a supposed IQ (image quality) point of view. Each time I take a look at my slides and negatives, and I’m super careful with storage, the degradation it’s notorious, you can’t avoid it … sadly. Just like us getting old, we can’t help it. Well, … enough said.

Taken in 2001, 13 year ago, with my Nikon F90 and only a 28-70 mm zoom lens. Had to travel light, and was already abusing my luck in a not so safe country to photograph. At least Rio, all the other locations were perfectly fine.
Brazil is probably one of the most amazing places on earth. Nature, people, food, tradition, and … light. This country has an amazing light! Colors and also scents are overwhelming. We visited Búzios, Ilha Grande (Angra dos Reis), Paraty and Rio de Janeiro. 3 weeks I’ll never forget. I saw turtles underwater but left my camera in the boat. Yes, back then I was (and still am) brave enough to put a €1500 camera inside a plastic bag only to take a few shots.
Hope to return soon to this paradise on solid ground.

Beja, Alentejo, Portugal.

Not a place for those who are afraid of heights. After a fire in the eighties, this space was left to its own fate. Now, you can “climb” to the top of the grain silos and enjoy a panoramic view of this marvelous city. You have to be careful though. The building it’s not so safe. You could end up falling. There’s no protection along the stairways and if you suffer from vertigo, the roof it’s not the ideal place to be taking photographs with wide angle lenses.

To sum up, this building near the railways, once held one of the main grain stores in the Alentejo and now it’s a mysterious scenery, mixing decay and vegetation to a dream level. A paradise to industrial photography.