Lisbon, Portugal.

Alexandre Farto’s solo exhibition entitled “Dissection”. The artist also known as Vhils, displays his work at the Electricity Museum in Lisbon until the 5th of October (2014). Just want to share a few shots cause there is no excuse not to see for yourself. Free entrance!
Outside, I slowly “digested” the all thing and waited for a brief moment in order to catch a plane between the building and the naphtha storage tank. Small things that make us happy.

Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Almost ten years gone by since my third road trip to Morocco. We drove nearly 2.000 kms and made it, this time, till Marrakech. Here are a few shots mainly taken at Chefchaouen. Hope to post some more (later) from Fez, Casablanca and of course Marrakech.